Our Story

In Summer 2022, Mitch & Neil embarked on their entrepreneurial journey, founding Apex Partners Group, a bespoke white-label FX brokerage.

Months of dedication went into crafting a standout logo, a sleek website, and fortifying the backend.

However, a glaring challenge loomed—how to attract new clients?

Unlike many competitors who start with a ready-made book of clients, Mitch & Neil had zero to migrate.

Conversations with industry peers unveiled a common theme: client acquisition often boiled down to cold calling—a skill they severely lacked with ‘sales’ never taught at school or university!

Driven by a blend of naivety and determination, they dove into entrepreneurship, securing a modest office, two phones, and a stockpile of Red Bulls.

Armed with a lead list found online, they embarked on the daunting task of cold calling.
The reality proved harsh:
Month 1 - £0
Month 2 - £0
Month 3 - £0

Their meticulously crafted business plan was under serious threat.

Despite vows to make over 100 calls daily, they barely managed a combined 50, resorting to website tweaks and networking events to pass the time.

This wasn't the 'dream' business they envisioned.

Amid mounting pressure, Mitch & Neil faced a sobering truth: there had to be a better way.

Over the next six months, they invested every penny into crafting a new client acquisition model, completely unreliant on cold calling.

Through trial, error, and perseverance, success started to emerge:
Month 11 - First 5-figure month
Month 12 - Second 5-figure month
Month 13 - First £20,000 month

They had engineered a system capable of attracting leads in one of the most competitive industries.

Without knowing it, they had established proof of concept.

Their breakthrough caught the attention of a frustrated fellow business owner grappling with an underperforming sales team. 

"We need this... can you do this for us?" 

And so, leadR was born.